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Wide range of products

Our injection moulding machines operate with a closing force of 20 – 180 tonnes, enabling us to work with a wide range of thermoplastics. We produce plastic components weighing anything up to 400 grams, for example:

Catch slot
Door handle housing/catch slot

Producing plastic components from granules requires both a high degree of precision in forming and accurate knowledge of materials characteristics. Both our own know-how and close collaboration with raw materials suppliers enable us to advise our customers as to what material to choose from the point of view of technical suitability and cost. Examples:

Slotted head and T-handle elements
Escutcheon elements

For many years we made the moulds for these products in our own workshops. This task has since been outsourced to specialist firms.

Production tailored to customers' requirements

Operating a three-shift system, we can gear production to customers' requirements. There are no problems in working with materials in all RAL colours or in injection moulding around inserts, for example:

Guide rings
Indicator discs

An example of the high degree of precision we attain in production are the car audio speaker grills we have been supplying to the automotive industry for more than 10 years.

Car boot floor handle
Speaker grill

Satisfying the exacting production standards set for these filigree components in all respects makes special demands not only on the injection moulds and machines themselves but also on the expertise and skills of our workforce.